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Our Journey

Boochie Bar started as my little dream. I had the idea to create a Fresh and Funky little space where people would want to gather. A place where you would feel comfortable in your own skin, Where you would want to talk about your  health (or lack thereof), and just be able to hang out!

I had a routine surgery go wrong in 2013, I ended up spending 40 nights in hospitals, and ended up almost losing my life. I was prescribed a massive amount of prescription medications for the next several years. The medications I was taking were  stripping my body of my "Good Bacteria" and I  developed 4 Auto Immune diseases over the last 10 years. I didn’t feel myself, Had lack of energy, Dry skin, Rashes on my hands, My hair was breaking and falling out.. My Joints would ache to the point where it was hard to lift my arms…..I had Brain Fog, and most of all I wasn't "Showing up" for myself anymore! 

I knew I needed a change and FAST!  I read every book, every article, and researched food as medicine for years. I ended up taking over my own health, and began Raw juicing as well as implementing clean eating and Kombucha into my diet. After just a few weeks, I started to notice my energy coming back, My rashes were gone, I started feeling less Brain Fog, My digestive system became “Normalized” for the first time in years. I was healing myself through my nutrition and what I was putting into my body!  Today, I am happy to say I am in remission of all of my AutoImmune diseases. I set out to create a place where I could educate and promote that same wellness and Nutrition that helped me get my life back! Boochie was born! Booch is a slang word used to describe Kombucha. Boochie Bar is my Funky little take on a Wellness Bar and a place I am proud to be the Owner of! We have BIG plans for Boochie (or The Booch) over the next few years, starting with Events, and lots of Fun and Fresh Merch (which is coming soon!)

 So come on in and see what the hype is all about!  We offer Superfoods in a relatable way, and our flavors are out of this world! Come in and do a Wellness Shot with me, let me juice you a glass of our Raw juice, Grab an Organic Acai bowl, or an Organic Smoothie or Protein shake. We have Booch on tap and are adding a savory menu shortly!

Boochie -  Kombucha and Wellness Bar - Changing the world, One glass of Kombucha at a time!

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